Online Learning

A1 Risk Solutions Online Learning Centre provides one of the most fundamental and extensive features within the system for both users and administrators within an organisation.

Comprising of the video library, safe system documents, imagery and other training documents, culminating with a final testing area.

Randomly selected questions relating to both ‘People and Manual Handling’ within the testing area, can be completed by the users online, at a convenient time for them.

Users can stop and start tests, returning at any stage for completion with the added advantage of revision tips and a short concise video clips during each test.

User statistics and test results are recorded, allowing the administrators to view, monitor and download individual or group results and usage information.


  • Supports internal and external training
  • Encourages controlled training schedules
  • Assists trainers’ with training
  • Provides a perfect reference tool for all users, to support previous training, and therefore test their own understanding and competence levels.
  • Test results identify areas where further training my be required
  • Creates historic data for future reference