Reduction In Patient Injuries Due To Improved Manual Handling

Potential patient injuries due to improper use or knowledge of the correct procedures and techniques when using Manual Handling Equipment, can be reduced.

Reference material within the A1 Risk Solutions system; available in several formats, can be accessed easily by staff, even when at the patients’ bedside.

Videos and the various documents within the Safe System can be easily viewed online via a secure access. When internet access is limited, prior download, storage and even printing of relevant information, including the download of video can be acheived.

The instant availability of information in this way, can redcue the risk to both the patients and users of Manual Handling Equipment.


Pressure Bed Ulcers experienced by patients can be reduced with proper use of Manual Handling Equipment. The ease of access to specific reference material and guidance documents within the System emphasises more and more the benefits, resulting in further reductions to other key patient outcome measures.