The System

The A1 Risk Solutions system has been developed to provide an innovative and unique Risk Management and Training platform, easy online access and very simple to operate.

The system provides specific information, incorporating evidence based best practice techniques for Manual Handling, Ergonomics and Risk Management.

Incorporating a vast array of online training material, including: ​

  • More than 300 Training Videos
  • Safe Systems of Work Documents
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • Online Training Centre
  • Training Manuals and Presentations
  • Assessment Tools
  • Virtual Mentor
  • Reference Material

Users of the system have the ability to access and download documentation and video to assist their training and learning, culminating with the completing of online testing, specific to the various topics detailed within the system.

The administrator of the system within each organisation will have the ability to create and view usage reports, access test results for each user and produce trending reports. The ability to track activity and have traceability provides added benefits to demonstrate compliance.

Highly interactive, the system will provide organisations and staff with a vital source to continually updated information, learning and training, reducing the risk to the organisation, staff and those in their care.


The HATS Programme is the basis of the whole system, and an acronym for ‘Handling Awareness Training Solutions’. There are different coloured HATS within the system that identify different types of activity and materials with the system for the trainer to use. This enables them to clearly identify which activities are available for use with their own development and use with their own training sessions.