A1 Risk Solutions Limited

Independent organisation delivering specialist innovative multimedia online managed training systems, risk management resources and training solutions within manual handling and ergonomics for the Health, Social Care and Educational sectors.

A1 Risk Solutions provides a combination of structured innovative web-based multimedia and risk management systems, blended with traditional learning and training courses, running along side an easy-to-use, unique, comprehensive ‘Risk Management and Manual Handling Training Programme’.

Why would your organisation not need to save money and reduce risk!

The specially developed HATS Programme™© (Handling Awareness Training Solutions), is one of the key integral features of the system. Designed to provide support for trainers and training programmes, targetted at reducing potential risks that are associated with Ergonomics, Manual and People Handling.

Designed to provide standardisation and clarity for the benefit of everyone with time saving resources, significantly reducing downtime, resource costs and potential reduction in litigation costs.


  • Reduction in Training Costs
  • Unlimited Online Access to Detailed Training and Risk Management Material
  • Improvement in Skill, Competence and Confidence of Staff
  • Reduction in Risk to Staff and Patients
  • Detailed Usage Reports

Incorporating a variety of evidence-based solutions, our innovation will help organisations within these sectors to provide much needed support to staff and the people within their care; ultimately limiting risk to the organisation, staff and patients.

The system has been designed with the financial downturn in mind, enabling organisations to substantially reduce costs and risks in an effective and unique manner. The long-term benefits will not only improve ‘patient outcome measures’, but at the same time make significant financial savings to the organisation.

The system can be tailored to meet organisational needs. Should organisations' have any specific requirements, we would work with them and endeavour to deliver what they require.