A1 Risk Solutions Online Moving and Handling Portal.

Designed to be used across health and social care.

This system has the following:

  • Over 341 videos
  • Over 341 accompanying safe systems of work across health and social
  • Patient Moving and Handling
  • Non-Patient Moving and Handling
  • There is competency assessment sheet on there
  • Everything is pre-risk assessed using BORG and REBA tools

Over 5,000 will be in proportion 50 pence per person.

A large proportion of monies spent to redeem against future courses. These courses will be delivered by a number of NBE members.

The licence would be for 6 months only.

All prices plus VAT.

Please use the form below to make an enquiry or call Telephone 0161 327 2195.

Access to online suite of 341 videos and safe systems of work.

Total number of staff per organisation Price per organisation
Up to 500 staff £500 Plus VAT
Up to 1000 £1000 Plus VAT
Up to 2500 £2500 Plus VAT
Up to 5000 £5000 Plus VAT

Over 5000 staff will be in proportion £1 per person. This will be for a duration of six months.

Community Proning

Proning in the Community for your Covid19 patients

Supine to prone in the community for your Covid19 patients

3 sheet technique to enable prone x-ray imaging

International radiographers required a technique to enable prone x-ray imaging. The video was a collaboration between Radiography, Occupational Therapy and A1 Risk Solutions. There are a series of three videos, to enable the insertion and removal of the x-ray cassette in prone. The use of a third sheet and slide sheets was the simple change required to ensure simple removal of the pillows for imaging.

Video 1: Supine to prone positioning

Video 2: Insertion of X ray imaging plate in prone

Video 3: Imaging plate removal and prone

ICU Proning Resources

  1. Prone positioning in Intensive Care by the Intensive care society
  2. How to safely prone the intensive care patient. Led by Debbie Cook, professional development sister at Heartlands Hospital Birmingham
  3. Picture guidance from Portmouths hospital using two flat slide sheets and the cornish pastie technique